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Plannerholic Spotlight featuring Sammi Robinson of Lady PlansALot

Katya Bowd

Posted on September 08 2017

Sammi Robinson is the face behind Lady PlansALot and is a prominent member of the Sydney planner community. Her passion and activeness within the Australian planner community continue to inspire “planner newbies” to create and display their planner set-ups, weekly and monthly spreads, and “before the pen” layouts.

We were fortunate enough to be given the time to interview this lovely lady who is always willing to lend a helping hand (albeit virtual :D) and providing great advice when needed

Hi, Sammi! Tell us a little something about yourself?

At the moment I am studying my Bachelor of Arts at Western Sydney University. I have an interest in English & History. My not so hidden passion is planning; obviously. I also love scrapbooking & have gotten into smash booking (an artistic cross between scrap booking & keeping a journal). I also have a passion for games & geek culture. Pokémon, Doctor Who, & Harry Potter are some of my favourite fandoms.

When/how did you get yourself into the wonderful world of planning? What compelled you to get into the hobby?

I have enjoyed using a day planner since primary school to stay organised. A friend introduced me to Pinterest in 2014 (during a lecture, which I promptly stopped paying attention to). I was looking up scrapbooking ideas on Pinterest, and I came across smash booking, and then decorative planning.

What is the difference between a Traveller’s Notebook, a Bullet Journal, and a standard 6-ring binder? What do you think is the most effective?

I could talk for an eternity on all the nuances that separate all the different types & styles of organisers & planners! However, there are already so many great resources out there that could explain it in a more professional manner.

For my opinions on what is better though, each has its advantages & disadvantages. In the planner communities, we talk about “planner peace”. Planner peace is subjective. What is the best for each of us is different, we all have different needs, preferences, & planning styles. So, it depends on what the individual needs.

How do you plan your day, week, month?

I’ve actually started filming a few different planner walk through videos on this on my channel, so if you head over there you’ll be able to see my process.

Setting up a Dreamboard on your Planner

Tell us about your “planning nook” where you do your planning. Any special set-up?

We have an open spaced living area at my house. So my planner nook is in the corner of what should probably be the dining area (luckily our dining table is small and fits in the kitchen).

In my nook, I have a computer desk, as well as a writing desk. I tend to art journal and smash book at my writing desk, so most of my planning gets done at my computer desk. I usually just push my computer monitor back, and then I have more than enough space to spread out my planners. Though there are a few occasions when I just need more space to spread all my things out. When that happens I like to get a blanket, lay it down on the floor, and have a planner picnic.

What’s the best (and not so nice, if there’s any) thing about being a planner person?

I think the best thing is the community. I have met some amazing friends through the planner world. I have friends all over the country and the world (some who I have never even met in person) who are always there for me. The only negative I can think of would be how this hobby has affected my wallet and knowing I can’t own all of the gorgeous planners I want! 

Describe your current planner in three words.

Multiple. Chaotic. Functional.

If we are to take a peek at the pages of your planner, what do you think it would hint us about you?

Which planner? Haha! I’m very eclectic. I have a lot of different planners, and styles, and I like a lot of different colours. I also use way too many stickers sometimes. 

Do you think everyone should use a planner?

I believe if a person is having trouble remembering everything they have to do, or is really unorganised, then yes I would recommend planner. Ultimately though, I think everyone should use what is right for them. I know some people use digital planners, and some people don’t use planners at all, and that is okay.

What would a day in a life of Sammi be without a planner?

An absolute disaster! I have many things I organise/do/run, and without my planner, I would be a stressed out mess who would STILL forget things!

Let’s talk about your brand. What is the story behind your handle Lady PlansALot?

The Camelot legends and stories fascinate me. I absolutely love them. I decided to go with Lady PlansALot as it is a play on Sir Lancelot and seemed like the obvious choice for my handle when I decided to launch my YouTube channel.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future in terms of growing your brand?

I love sharing my planner and thoughts with everyone, and I love it when people enjoy what I share. Basically, I just hope to keep bringing amazing content to my planner family and share things that people find entertaining and useful.

What keeps you motivated?

My planner. I am very big on to do lists and having a goals sections. I also am motivated by the people around me. My close friends and family keep me focused on my goals.

Your YouTube videos are just phenomenal given the honesty and liveliness that you display on each one. When did you start making videos and what is your video production process like? Any challenges?

I actually only started making them a few weeks ago! I had been told I should start over a year ago by a good friend, but could never find the time. Plus, I was just too scared I wouldn’t be good enough.

I usually try and film what I want to share with others, but I also like to film things people request. I currently have a list of ideas for future videos based on requests and my own ideas. I usually start by choosing something from that list that I feel like filming, then I make up a to-do list for the video (a basic list includes film, edit, post), and then I work my way through that list until the video is posted.

Any words of advice/encouragement to aspiring plannerholics?

Just start. I thought my videos weren’t good enough for a long time, but if you just start and get your content out there, then you can always improve over time.


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‘Til the next spotlight! <3