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Plannerholic Spotlight for September feat. Elise Sheree

Katya Bowd

Posted on September 29 2017

Elise is one of those mummy vloggers that you just can’t stop watching. (Read: highly likeable) Her raw, honest-to-goodness opinions on motherhood, home organisation, planning, and general life experiences make her one of the best and most endeared personalities on the interwebs.

Read our interview with Elise below and find out how this power mum slays daily challenges and stays on top of her game!

When did you get into blogging/vlogging and what motivated you to do so?

I started a blog when I was 6 months pregnant with Zara. I had finished work at my corporate job as an Executive Assistant and needed something to keep me busy at home. I loved watching YouTube videos about pregnancy but was too scared to go on YouTube myself. Finally, when Zara was a few months old I had the courage to record my first vlog and that is when my YouTube channel started.

Most mums have experienced (or continue to experience) the so-called ‘mum guilt.’ How do you overcome this?

I have Mum-guilt all the time. Today, for example, I have terrible jet lag (from our recent flight from Sydney to London) so the TV has been on all day so I can get some peace and catch up on house work. Cue Mum-guilt. I just remind myself that I love being a Mum, how we raise our child is up to me and my husband, we are proud of what we teach her and our decisions. Zara is happy and healthy so we must be doing something right. I try not to worry too much and focus my energy on positive things.

What does a day in the life of Elise look like?

Most days I get up at 6 am and go to the gym or for a walk. It’s been school holidays so we take it easy getting ready and having breakfast. I normally check my email, reply to comments or do some editing. We spend the morning doing an activity like meeting friends at the park, going to the shops, library or local farm. I always like to be home in the afternoon so Zara can rest and play and I’ll do some housework or film videos and prepare dinner. We all eat dinner together once my husband gets home about 6 pm. After Zara is in bed I crash on the lounge with Netflix and my laptop. I half watch and half edit videos and plan social media posts. I get bored just watching the TV. Bedtime is normally around 10 pm. This is all about to change though once Zara starts ‘big school’ in a few weeks!

Let’s talk about mum planners (and planners in general.) How long have you been using planners? How do you plan your day/week/month?

My corporate job before motherhood was all about planning and organising someone else’s life and I loved it! I have always used planners. In high school, I used the diary we were given and embellished it with stickers and photos to make it more exciting. I’m a list maker. Even in this world of technology, I like a pen and paper to keep track of things. I like to sit down each weekend to plan out the week ahead and remind myself of upcoming appointments and events. It helps me see where I can fit in catch ups with friends, play dates, gym classes, and filming videos. Each morning I also check over my planner and write a to-do list. I hardly ever get to my to-do list until the evening but I feel better knowing its planned out, haha.

If we are to take a peek at the pages of your planner inserts, what do you think it would hint us about you?

I LOVE planning but always change my mind! There’s a lot of stickers covering up changed ideas. I also can’t handle being around crowds or big groups too much which shows in my planner. If I have an event on with lots of people I’ll make sure I don’t have anything else on that day out of the house or I get overwhelmed.

What are the 3 things you cannot NOT include in your planner inserts?

  1. Dinner Planning for the week ahead. It’s my fave thing every week!
  2. Video ideas and upload days. I need to be organised here because so much time goes into making a video from the idea to when it’s uploaded. I need to be able to see it over a weekly spread.

We really loved your review on our Mum Planner! You’ve been using a bullet journal for a long time. Can you tell us the pros and cons of using a bullet journal?

A huge pro was having the flexibility to change the set up every month. I would test out different spreads each month and if I used them and loved them I would continue with the same idea the following months. I also loved the creativity and fun of setting it up. I’m addicted to Pinterest so loved finding ideas there.

The con was the time it took to set up. As a mum, I just didn’t have the time to spend drawing it up.



Have you used other types of planning methods? (Ie. Junk Journaling, Travellers Notebooks, etc) How do you determine what type of planner works for you?

I have never heard of those! I guess it’s just trial and error. I personally need a monthly calendar as an overview and weekly spread with space to write notes on each day. More recently I realised it was also beneficial to have space to incorporate mum life (meals and housework) and work. I like to keep things very minimal so wanted it all in one place rather than different note books and planners for separate parts of my life. This is why I love your planner so much! It’s all there in one place.

This is why I love your planner so much! It's all there in one place. - Elise
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For you, what does “ultimate success” mean in terms of being a modern mum?

I have struggled with this in the last few years. Recently I realised success is how I feel about my goals and achievements in personal, family and professional life. So many modern mums have a passion project that turns into a business venture which I think is fabulous! Being a mum is so rewarding and being able to be a work at home mum is an incredible opportunity. For me, reaching goals in my business that I created from scratch makes me feel successful and proud.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

More babies! Living in a house where my kids bring their friends, my family drops by whenever and we enjoy life together. I hope my YouTube continues to grow and inspire other mums to live their best mum life. It is so incredibly rewarding connecting with other mums from all around the world.

Any advise to mums who are struggling to get their home and family lives organised?

Buy a planner. Start simple and set yourself one task each day. Ticking it off is the best part. If you need motivation, I have heaps of YouTube video you can watch on planning, cleaning, routines and healthy eating.


About Elise Sheree

Hi lovelies, I’m Elise Sheree, a Mum just like you. My daughter Zara Lily is 4 years old and we’re hoping to add another mini to our family in the near future. I document my #mumlife journey over on YouTube, sharing my stories, experiences, and tips. Being a Mum can be challenging but I love to look on the positive side, connecting with Mums from all over the world as I share what works for me to be the best Mum I can be. I would love to connect with you so please come and say hi over on YouTube!

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