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Printable Easter Rabbit Doodle Stickers

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Posted on March 27 2018

How's your Easter observance going so far?

Easter is a great time to pause and think things through. It's also a perfect opportunity for loved ones to get together and bond.

Whether you want to take it slow or filled with activities and bursting at the seams with pastel hues, eggs, and cute bunnies, we hope you're having a wonderful time!

To make this week more special, we're taking cuteness to the next level with this week's free printable -  Easter Rabbit Doodle Stickers!

To get started, just download the PDF file and print them out on a full sheet of sticker paper.

Fill your spreads with adorable bunnies this Easter. These stickers can be used for decorating your weekly, monthly, your dashboards, and desktop calendars; basically, anywhere you like to leave a trail of cuteness.

Did you find this printable helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.


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