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Printable Panda Bookmark

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Posted on May 08 2018

For bookworms and planner fans, a good bookmark can be invaluable. It helps keep your place in your current read thus saving you precious time from unnecessarily thumbing through the pages. Plus, they are super cute! Such eye candies making your reading experience just even better!

Can't get enough of bookmarks? We feel you!

It's easy to spot how much we love bookmarks here at Mumsy & Bub and for that we bring you this week's freebie - Printable Panda Bookmark.

There is nothing like our beloved panda to encourage you to read and plan! For this design, we opted to go monochrome with a touch of flush and glitter for it to compliment most reading materials or planning layouts that you have.

To get started, just download and print the PDF file via Adobe Acrobat Reader or any similar program - otherwise, it will not print correctly.  For best output, make sure to select the actual size or scale it to 100%. Don't forget to set the orientation to Auto Portrait/Landscape and pick the correct paper size/format for your paper. Once done, print it out and, cut using a pair of scissors or a cutting tool if you have any.

Laminate or place this darling in a pre-made plastic pouch to make it more sturdy and for it to last longer.

Add some flair to your pieces using decorative stickers, washi tapes, ribbons, tassels, or any of your desired accessory.

We hope you find our printable bookmarks helpful in terms of your planning and reading endeavors and truly enjoy them as much as we do! If you have some ideas, let us know in the comment section below.

Until the next giveaway and as always, feel free to spread the word and share the love! <3