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Printable Watercolour Autumn Icons

Staff Post

Posted on April 17 2018

Putting your thoughts into words is one of the best ways to keep one's mind in focus. If you want to become organised - you sort things out. If you want to do something - you make a list and make it happen. If you want to de-stress and be more mindful - you write down your thoughts and feelings.

What more if you're working with your favourite planner? When each time you flip a page, you feel more inspired and productive!

We'd like to think that every nook and cranny of our planners are important to be organised in every aspect of our lives. The inside pockets, dividers, the pen we're using, the decors, stickers, and accessories are not just cute trinkets, but tools to keep us motivated.

This week's printable is for anyone who can't get enough of pretty stickers! A timely addition to your autumn layout, these beautiful watercolour autumn icons will give your spreads a cosy vibe during your Sunday mornings or afternoon planning sesh. 

Use these lovely illustrations of a squirrel, a pumpkin, a basket, a rake, and falling leaves to decorate your headers, footers, to-do list, note section, or anywhere you want to stick them on. You can also use these as die cuts for card-making.  

Just download the digital file and print as much as you like in an A4 sized matte or gloss paper for best results.

We hope you get to enjoy this freebie and let us know if there's something you'd like for us to come up next.

Until the next giveaway!