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Rainy Day Entertainment for Kids

Katya Bowd

Posted on February 06 2017

Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate while listening to the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops on the pavement. Rainy days offer us a kind of solitude that people usually yearn for and it also helps us reflect on things. However, our young ones do not share these same sentiments. For them, rainy days can mean “doomsday” wherein they have to endure staying inside the house, hoping and praying that the silly rain goes away so that they could go back to playing outdoors. But how do we make staying indoors doesn’t feel like some sort of a cage or a punishment for them? As a parent, you may want to spice things up a bit by getting creative and allowing your kids to indulge into great indoor activities. Here are a few suggestions:

1.- Let them go on a treasure hunt. Of course, you are going to have to draw up the clue cards first and hide your “treasure” anywhere inside the house. Gather your kids and read out the clues to help them get to the hidden treasure. If you have younger kids, it would be best to show them pictures for clues instead of written ones. Your kids will surely spend hours and hours of fun and excitement solving mysteries and puzzles, finding clues and getting to the prizes!

2.- Play a guessing game. This game will not only entice your child but it will also help him put his sense of touch to the test. Get a large box and place things of different textures, shapes, and sizes that you want the child to guess. Cover his eyes with a handkerchief or scarf and let him get something out of the box to guess. Take turns guessing.

3. – Create a collage. Gather old pictures, birthday party invites, old magazines, pressed flowers, and any other memento that you think should go in the collage. Hand out some scrapbooking paper or bond paper, non-toxic glue, and child-safe scissors. Let your child get creative, or you may also suggest a theme so he can get started.

4. – Story telling time. Nothing beats the dullness of a rainy day than lying in a comfortable bed surrounded by fluffy pillows whilst reading a good book to your little one. Ask your child opinions or questions about what he thinks will happen as you go along.

5.- Bake cookies, a cake, or a bunch of colourful cupcakes. Kids love their sugary treats, so make sure that you get them involved when it comes to preparing the batter, mixing it, placing it in molds, and their favorite part – decorating!

Rainy days may well mean downtime for your kids, but it need not be unpleasant. With fun and wholesome activities, it should be a great bonding time!

Have you tried any of the suggestions yet? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section below!