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Reassessing Goals towards Personal and Professional Growth

Katya Bowd

Posted on March 13 2017


Setting and reviewing goals is part of human existence. People set goals for themselves in order to find ways to achieve desired outcomes. Goals do not necessarily assure a person that he will without fail attain what he wants for himself; rather, goals serve as a pathway towards one’s own dose of personal or professional fulfilment. I’m pretty sure most of us have come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions or some sort of “goal list” sometime in our life. But I’m also quite sure that a lot of us have neglected such lists once we feel that we’re unable to meet some – if not all – of those goals.

It may help if you make it a habit. To look back once in awhile to reassess where you are at this stage in your life and find out areas where you can still improve. As the saying goes, “Life is a never ending process of learning”, so learn! Reevaluate. Reassess. Refocus.

If you don’t know where to start, below are a few simple steps to help you gain control over your personal and professional life.

1.- Set your goals and write them down on a piece of paper. It is important to visualise areas in your life where you feel the need to succeed. As you do this, keep in mind the three things that should be associated with your goals: what you want to DO, what you want to BE, and what you want to HAVE.

smart goals

2.- Review your latest accomplishments and reflect on how far they got you in life.

smart goals

3.- Make an honest list of your strengths and weaknesses.

review and reflect latest accomplishments

4.- Fabricate SMART goals – they have to be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

set your goals

    • “Specific” means have goals that are clear and concrete. Don’t just say “I want to lose weight in 3 months,” rather, put it as “I want to lose 6 kilos per month.” Knowing this will help eliminate ambiguity and lower the chances of you failing to accomplish such goal.
    • “Measurable” pertains to how long will you be able to keep track of your progress. The best way to do this is by keeping a journal at hand. Say for instance one of your goals is to save at least $1000 per month. Your journal will make it easier for you to break down your expenses and sum up your savings.
    • "Attainable” simply means that your goals should be realistic or doable. Bear in mind that flying like some sort of superhero is never going to happen. Why not make it a goal to travel on a plane someday instead?
    • “Relevant.” In layman’s term, this merely questions you if “the goal you want is really that important” and if it is worth all your efforts and sacrifices.


Setting up goals can indeed help you reach your aspirations and dreams. The road towards success is rather rough than smooth though. However difficult and full of stumbling blocks, just dust yourself up, refocus and be committed to reach your goals.  

We love to hear how you stay on track for your goals. Let us know in the comments section below!