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Relationship Advice For a Happy Marriage

Katya Bowd

Posted on December 08 2017

Relationship advice for a happy marriage

The first few years of your married life will be easy. It’ll be simple to love each other and overlook the faults both of you posses. Lying to your spouse will feel like the gravest sin. Sharing every thought with each other is simple because it comes easy for both of you. Your honeymoon bubble will well exceed your honeymoon period and it’ll reach till around your fifth year of marriage. However, little by little, things will start to change. Their little ticks start to get to your nerves. Every little thing starts to bother you. You start getting suspicious of every little text and appointment. Loving now takes time and effort. Here are some marriage tips to make your relationship with your partner easier, stronger, and more lasting through the years.

bride faces groom


In all things, honesty is always the best policy. We sometimes think that as time goes on, we know our spouse enough that some things should just be left unsaid. We leave little white lies in order to spare their feelings but sometimes, the more we lie, the more it gets accumulated and takes its toll on us. So, to keep your trust intact and your partner reassured, always be honest. Even if you think it’ll hurt feelings, be honest and say what you need to say gently. If your partner truly loves you, he/she will understand, and if it’ll hurt his/her feelings now, imagine what’ll happen if he/she finds out from someone else. If you become honest, your other half will stay honest with you too.


If you’ve been married for years now, surely you must have already shared everything with each other. Personal space has gone out the window that you might have shared toothbrushes at one point in your relationship. However, too much time together and not enough me-time is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Sooner or later, both of you will become irritable and snappy towards each other. Save some time for yourselves. In fact, a great relationship tip is to create separate offices in your home or allow each other to have days off without the other. This will allow both of you time to recharge and get back on track. You’ll both have the energy to face all the irritating things about one another as well as your surroundings.

support each other


A loving relationship requires support and trust. In richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, nothing should be able to part you two. If your partner decides to quit his job or start a business, be sure to support him a hundred percent. You are one unit now and if there is conflict within your system, it will surely fail. One advice for a healthy marriage would be to learn how to be there for your partner even when it’s hard to do so. Talk about your problems and come to a conclusion together. In all things, always be there for each other, no matter what.


In all relationships, communication is the key. A lot of fights and failed marriages have stemmed from simple misunderstandings and lack of communication. Learn how to say what you feel. Don’t let it build up into one big issue. But talking isn’t the only thing you must learn how to do. A great advice for your entire family is to learn how to listen. Listening will lead to understanding and this will lead to more wisdom. If we learn how to hear out each other's’ problems and ideas, lesser conflicts will occur and we’ll learn to see through each other’s point of views.

have faith


How can your marriage last if you don’t have faith in your partner? Each time your partner goes out the door, does your paranoia take root? Do you start thinking about how he’s going to cheat on you, lie to you, spend all your money gambling, and maybe do something equally as awful? Are you paranoid that something bad will happen like getting into a car accident or some freak accident?  Again, all these negative circumstances can happen and it’ll leave any normal person completely mad. But how can old couples survive this far without falling apart? What should couples possess in order to grow old together? It’s a simple thing called faith. Things can go wrong any second but always have faith that it won’t  happen. When your husband leaves the house, have faith that he will make the right decisions. When your family goes out for a quick drive, have faith that they will come back. A tip for a happy and healthy family is to just have faith that things will work out for the best. This will give you the peace of mind you need to stay happy in your relationship for a long long time.


One last tip for a happy marriage is to never stop loving yourself. Sure, your partner has already seen the worst of you, from your ‘no makeup on’ look to your ever dreaded love handles. If he has seen you in your worst yet still married you, then surely he must love you so. You’ve also seen his worst as well, but chose to love him for better or for worse. You've established that you don’t really need to be your best around each other to make your spouse love you, but that doesn’t mean letting yourself go is acceptable. Sometimes, people need to know that they’re worth your effort in order to know the extent of your love. Let your partner know that you care about what he/she thinks when he/she looks at you by taking the time to prepare yourself during your date nights. Work out and do not let your body become a shadow of its former glory because you care how your other half sees you. No doubt he’ll stay in love with you even if you’ve gained a few pounds but it’s the thought that you've worked hard to maintain yourself that matters.

Remember these points in order to maintain a happy and healthy union with your spouse. If you want to share some of your relationship secrets, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.