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September Bliss – FREE Sticker Sets Printables

Katya Bowd

Posted on August 31 2017

Aaaaannnd… It’s here! Another something to help organised mumma’s get more organised this month whilst getting their mum planners ready to roll!

But before anything else, I would like to say that… There is nothing more comforting than knowing that the blistering Canberran winter is over. No more over-the-roof electricity bills due to excessive centralised heating abuse. No more shivering to the bone every time someone needs to go to the toilet or have a glass of water (apart from my husband who is totally weatherproof) And the best part? “Hello” to perfect weather! Woohoo! The subtle fusion of coolness and warmth is just the right balance for a tropical mumma such as myself who is still on her way to acclimatising – because, really, who adapts quickly from a standard 38-degree weather to a -4?! Also, who doesn’t look forward to the beauty of spring? Its hues and vibe that always make you feel cheerful and calm at the same time – ah, wonderful!

Anyway, another thing to celebrate this month is, of course, Father’s Day. To those who have great fathers and wonderful husbands who try their best to be the best fathers that they can be to their children – a huge salute to them all! Being a parent is no joke, yet it is – cliche as it may sound – the most rewarding thing in the whole world. Knowing that you’re able to provide for your family, spend quality time with them, watch them grow and fulfill their dreams, and just love them unconditionally are extremely precious gifts that anyone should treasure.

Words will never be enough to thank our dear father, dad, dada, papa, however we call them, but sure thing we can always make them feel more valued and loved, more so on their special day.

With that, to make this month more meaningful, the team at Mumsy & Bub has put together yet another amazing F R E E downloadables kit to adorn the monthly and/or weekly spreads of your mum planner.

The kit includes:

– 1 sticker sheet dedicated to spring

– 1 sticker sheet dedicated to coffee and tea (Coffeeholic? You’ll love this bunch to bits!)

– 1 sticker sheet dedicated to the remarkable dads in your life

– A set of gorgeous quote cards that you can cut and paste onto your mum planner pages so as to inspire you while getting organised