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Set of 3 Printable Easter-themed Bookmarks

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Posted on April 03 2018

Lovely to see you here again, planner lovers! Here's to hoping you had a wonderful long weekend with your family and friends! <3

Most of us may have made arrangements in the past couple of weeks to create special moments for this year's Easter celebration. But just before you stash away those baskets and eggs (and before you move on to your next monthly spread!), let these adorable Easter-themed bookmarks inspire you one more time to count your blessings, to spread hope and positivity, and live a truly rich and meaningful life.

Besides, we can't get enough of Easter goodness so why not stock them up just before the bunnies hop away, right? We aren't hoarders for nothing. :D

To help  you get more organised, focused, and intentional with your time, this week's printable is for planner girls who adore bookmarks!

Getting started is easy-peasy! Just download and print the PDF file containing these printable bookmarks via Adobe Acrobat Reader or any similar program - otherwise, it will not print correctly.  

Follow these steps to get the best possible results…

1 - In the Page Sizing & Handling section, make sure to select Actual Size or Scale to 100%

2 - In the Orientation section, select Auto Portrait/Landscape

3 - Click on the Page Setup button and choose the correct paper size/format for your paper

4 - Click on Print, cut ‘em out using a cutting tool or a pair of scissors and - voila!

For added durability, you can laminate them or place in pre-made plastic pouches.

You can also add embellishments or your preferred accessories like washi tapes, decorative stickers, or ribbons.

These adorable Easter bookmarks are a great addition to your planners, journals, or any reading material as it helps you find your place in your pages with ease.

This freebie comes in a set of 3 different styles for you to enjoy!

We love to hear from you. Did you find this freebie helpful? Drop us a line or two in the comment section below or tag us a photo of your spread with your favourite Mumsy & Bub goodies for a chance to get featured on our Social Media pages.

Don't forget to spread the word and share the love!

Happy planning!