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Small Space, Big Kitchen: How to Maximise Your Kitchen Space

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Posted on July 07 2017

Most of us dream of the beautiful and pristine kitchen with the center counter that is big enough to fit your whole family as you guys work together to prepare your Christmas feast. We dream of a place where you can have your kids over for breakfast, while you prepare them a hearty and nutritious meal. However, for some, the reality is anything but that. The truth is that you can barely fit 2 people in your kitchen without you guys bumping into each other. There’s no space on your countertops to even work on dinner. The kitchen cabinets are cramped and unsorted. Basically, everything about your kitchen is a mess. However, no matter how small your kitchen is, you don’t want to overhaul your kitchen by renovating it completely. But don’t worry, the immaculate kitchen you’ve always been dreaming of can still be possible. Here are a few home organising ideas that you can do to maximize your tiny kitchen.


Getting organised at home can start with you letting the light in. In your kitchen, or in any room in general, natural light can make your room feel wider somehow. It provides a much-needed sense of extension and room to breathe in your, otherwise, cramped up kitchen. Not only that, you’ll end up saving on electricity and you’ll get rid of that stuffy feeling in the kitchen. It can also be a potential precautionary measure in case there’s an emergency fire, as smoke can escape your cramped up space and not leave you choking to death. Try opening up your kitchen curtains or removing them entirely. It’ll make your kitchen feel more spacious than before.


Remove those tacky and bulky wall decorations. Get rid of those heavy, thick, kitchen stools. Take down those frilly kitchen curtains, as you don’t need that intruding in your already cramped up space. Replace these with straighter and sleeker furniture. Reduce your furniture footprint and get those kitchen tables with narrow legs. Also, decorate with straight lines and planes by using decor such as straight kitchen curtains. Replacing your stocky furniture will also help you in decluttering your kitchen because your view of your whole space won’t be hindered. You won’t believe how much roomier your kitchen will be.


Have you ever tried reaching for something in your kitchen then ending up hitting your head in one of the hanging cabinets? Well I have and it sucks! Save yourself that pack of ice and install your cabinets through your wall. Not only will you have more room in your kitchen to move around in, your space will also not be limited. Some ideas for organising your kitchen for your homemakers out there is to install these cabinets in between your wall studs. This will make your work easier for you.


When you open up your wall between your kitchen and dining room, the dining room becomes a pseudo-extension to your kitchen, thus creating the illusion that you have a large kitchen. Do this to create more space for your kitchen, as it’ll also create an open and free-flowing relationship with you and your guests while you’re preparing dinner. If you still want to keep a slight partition, try putting up some low half walls to create a natural extension between the cooking area and the dining room.


Like how makeup can create the illusion of a narrower nose bridge or more defined cheekbones, interior decoration and design can deceive people’s perception of space. Decorate your kitchen walls with vertical lines to draw the eyes of people to the ceiling. This will create an illusion of a larger space and higher ceilings, giving you a less clogged up feeling whenever you’re in your kitchen.


Having your cabinets, shelves, and drawers in the same color as your walls will help create a continuous view for eyes to follow. If they’re not in the same color, there will be imaginary spatial boundaries that make your eyes stop and give illusions of a smaller space. Painting your kitchen walls light colors are usually preferred because they absorb more light but dark colors like charcoal and grey can also provide an expansive illusion to your kitchen walls.


Instead of flat and solid cabinet doors, try replacing them with those that have glass on them. It’ll give the eyes more room to travel by allowing you to see right through the cabinet doors. This will make the kitchen room appear wider and will lessen the clogged feeling in the cramped up space.



Like a strait-jacket, anything that restricts you will make you feel claustrophobic. That’s the…
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Like a strait-jacket, anything that restricts you will make you feel claustrophobic. That’s the same for small confined spaces. If your kitchen is already small, try limiting the confinement of the space by making it as open as possible. Closed doors and restrictions make the room more tinier by illusion. Try removing these and replacing your kitchen cabinets and drawers with open shelves and cabinets. This will not only make your kitchen look spacier because you can see the walls behind your shelves, you also won’t have to bother with spacing occupying cabinet doors that need a minimum area to open up. This simple change is a great idea to organise your home and make it look bigger and roomier.


Remember that bulky juicer that you bought from home shopping network that you’ve only used once in your lifetime? If it’s still on your kitchen counter then you’re definitely doing something wrong. Don’t crowd your kitchen counters with stuff you don’t even use often. You’ll end up not having any room for actually preparing your food because of food appliances and kitchenware you don’t even use. Store these space-invaders in your cabinets or and hard-to-reach pantry shelves to open up room in your kitchen, then just unload them when you need them. Decluttering your kitchen will take time but once it is over, you’ll notice the change for sure. Firstly, It’ll give you actual space to position your chopping board and prepare your meals, at the same time, your kitchen will look much neater and spacier. Lastly, are you the kind of person who keeps the boxes of all the kitchen supplies he/she buys? Well if you are then I have a home organising idea for you, recycle them or get rid of them because not only will they occupy space, they will just be home for cockroaches, and you wouldn’t want that anywhere near your kitchen.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to organise your kitchen and make it look spacier? If yes, please comment on the comments section below!