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Sniff, Sniff, Good: How to Properly Put On Some Perfume

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Posted on October 16 2017

Scent plays an important role in everyone’s life. The aroma of food can signal your mouth to water, the smell of rain can bring back memories, and the scent you put on can mean a lot to the people around you. This is because the sensory part of your brain related to smell is close to the hippocampus, which is responsible for your memories. This is why applying perfume is important in completing a stylish look, especially during special occasions. Imagine not only looking great from afar, but also smelling great up close. Talk about perfection! Most people find that investing in good perfume is just a luxury, but what they don’t realise is how essential scents are to completing an overall ensemble. Here are ways on how to properly put on some perfume.


If you think any type of scent in a bottle is the same, you better think again because perfumes come in different forms. This is due to the concentration of the scent dissolved in alcohol. Parfums are the ones with the highest concentration, thus they last longer than the rest of the scents when applied. The next on the list is the eau de parfum which has the second highest fragrance concentration. This will last for 4 to 5 hours without the need for reapplication. It is one of the most common and most suitable for everyday use. The next type is eau de toilette which has the next highest concentration and is more fitting for day wear. Next are eau de cologne and eau fraiche which are respectively the most diluted types of personal scents. A fashion tip for women with sensitive skin is to go for parfum or eau de parfum in order to avoid reapplication.


The molecules of the scent interact with different kinds of material thus lowering their concentration and shortening their scent time. When you spray your perfume, your clothes can also absorb the scent thus preventing it from sticking to your skin. This will lower the efficacy of the scent and will make you have to reapply the perfume again. A perfect style tip when applying perfume is to spritz some on before you put on your clothes so that you will give the scent ample space to attach to your skin. Do this in order for your perfume to last longer.


Unlike regular sprays, perfumes have layers of scent that come with each spray. There are the top notes which are the first smells you’ll take a whiff of. They usually last for up to 10 minutes before disappearing completely. Once gone, it is replaced by the middle tones which are richer and more lasting. Once it fades, the base tones come into play. The base tones last up to 4 hours and they’re more dramatic. Read more on these tones and figure out which combinations suit your needs. A beauty tip would be to read on the scent description and experiment on what you think perfectly describes you.


When you rub and dab your perfume on your skin, you’re crushing the scent and making it evaporate quicker. This will destroy your perfume and waste it. So here’s another beauty tip, if you’re thinking of applying perfume, just spray it on the right spots. One effective style advice is to spray it 8 cm away from your point of reference so that you get the right amount of coverage on your skin.


Since we are talking about the right areas to apply perfume to, we must discuss pulse points. These points are areas on your skin where your pulse is palpable. Areas like the base of the neck, back of the ear, wrists and behind the knee are perfect examples of pulse points. The heat and throb in that area will help push the scent forward thus making it more obvious to people around you. Spray, not dab, your perfume in one of these areas (not all of them to avoid having your scent become too overpowering) in order to maximise it.


When the ambient temperature is hot, the scent of the perfume lasts longer because it is easily absorbed in the skin. When it’s colder, it disappears quicker due to the fact that it evaporates faster. This is why you need to consider your climate when choosing the right perfume. If you live in an area that has a winter season, a great advice would be to invest in longer lasting perfumes.


Lastly, one final tip in applying perfume is not to overdo it. Since these scents are alcohol based, they may trigger the pain receptors in your nose thus repelling people away from you instead of towards you. If you, by any chance, notice how strong your scent is, then others notice it as well. Don’t overdo your spraying and just do 1 to 2 spritz of perfume. If you cannot rely on your sense of smell, ask someone’s advice with regards to how strong your perfume is.

Following these simple style tips will help you in determining what type of perfume, what scent, and what way of applying is best for you and your style. If you have other perfume tips, let us know in the comments section below.