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Stay at Home Mum Secrets Revealed: 7 Steps to Help Conquer the Mess

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Posted on January 08 2018

Whether we like it or not, our homes attract clutter and chaos like magnets to metals. Your bedroom, for example, a supposed to be sanctuary after a long and tiring day can easily become disorganised - from your closet, vanity corner, down to the floor! Then comes the kitchen, where aside from cooking and having your meals, can oftentimes be a semi workstation. How much more if you live in a house whose members love to hang out in the kitchen as much as you do? Indeed, you can only imagine the battle an organised stay at home mum faces every day!

Home organisation can sometimes appear daunting; but just like any other problem with a solution, there are sure-fire ways to conquer the mess to make our homes an ideal haven.

Identify problematic areas

To help you identify exactly what needs to be decluttered, grab your camera and take “before” pictures of each room. The famous saying "A picture paints a thousand words" does the trick here. For example, if you want to start organising your bedroom, take a couple of pictures of each corner and then cap it off with a panoramic shot. Why do you want to do this? Because no one will spell out mess and clutter as clearly as your pictures can. If your closet doesn’t look quite good and your bedside table is pretty much of an eye sore, then get moving and start organising. Also, if you have an image of the exact problem, finding a storage solution for each space becomes much easier.

Organise your mind

Keeping the clutter under control and keeping a hectic lifestyle is surely not a very good combination. Even the most organised individuals find it challenging. Don’t fret, you can start by having a handy notebook or a daily planner where you can jot down daily to-dos, your plans, and thoughts. Revisit your notes at the end of the day and sort things appropriately such as adding your menu for next week, building your grocery list, or activities to your calendar. Grab that pen and paper and start making a game plan towards organising your home.


With the help of canisters, baskets, and bins, you can tame the trouble amongst your linens by folding them neatly and arranging them per room. Baskets are super versatile and you can store almost everything in them. Buy a few in the same sizes and colours. Don’t forget to maximise space by allocating unused areas in your home as a place to put your storage items on. The area behind your door is a perfect example. Attach hanging racks into it to store your accessories such as your hats, belts, jewellery, or makeups. The space under your bed can also be considered as another storage. A bed frame with shelving underneath and a seating bench with built-in cupboards in the foyer is definitely a clever idea to save on space as well.


Whether it’s about the bills and receipts, extra documents, or your kids' school papers, keep everything in place. Create a centre inbox for your mail and place it strategically - such as in your front hall - for easy access minus the eyesore.

A family affair

There’s no way an organised stay at home mum can do everything that needs to be done without the help of family members. Designate each family member a cubby or tackle box and place those boxes in a specific room. Each box should be labelled accordingly. (For example, one box will be used to store books, hence should have the label “books.”) Once a random out-of-place item is found, one can place it in the appropriate cubby. Items can then be sorted out once a cubby is full. Encourage everyone to practice this home organisation mantra - A place for everything and everything in its place.

Develop a routine

An organised mum knows the importance of setting routines. Whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly routine, and whether it will take you five or 45 minutes every day, set aside time to work on it. Set an alarm or a timer for you to stay on track and concentrate on that particular area per session. Some days, you may find it a bit tough especially if you're catching up on your favourite series, but do turn off the TV if the alarm tells you it's time for you to do the laundry. It's easy to ask for five more minutes or wait for another day to finish a chore, but wouldn't it better to just do it now when you can?

Be realistic

Assess and know your organisation style. Sure, there are lots of suggestions out there, but let’s face it, home organisation is not a one-size-fits-all situation. If you’re naturally tidy, then those compartmentalised and minimal displays may well be right for you. If you’re comfortable with organised chaos, then a little sorting here and there will be good enough. What’s important is you get rid of those unnecessary items and that you’re satisfied with how things look and go about your household.

Cliché as sounds, but there's really no place like home. Keep it clean, tidy, and friendly for you and your family. You'll see, every ounce of effort will be worth it.