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The Art of Junk Journalling

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Posted on January 15 2017

The Art of Junk Journalling

If you have an eye for all things crafty and fondness for anything and everything frugal, then you might just be keeping a junk journal in your room. Junk journalling has been around for some time and is actually quite popular in countries such as Canada and the United States.

Junk journalling is one of those fun, therapeutic activities that anyone could get themselves into. But first, what is junk journalling? By concept, is a book or journal that is handmade using recycled items such as old magazines, brochures, stamps, meal stubs, coupons, letters, cards, stickers, receipts, tickets, and song lyrics among many others. For the cover, some prefer an old, hardbound book or notebook for a sturdier base, while others use pizza boxes or any stiff covers. You can be as playful and as creative with your junk journal; but, if anything, let it be something that tells a story – like a diary made of graphics and a lot of memoirs.

So, how do you make a junk journal?

Think of a theme. For example, your teen is going out for a school excursion so a summer camp-themed junk journal sounds like a really nice idea. Let your son or daughter collect meal stubs, tickets, a paper cup and plate, a couple of colourful buntings, just to name a few.

Meanwhile, if you’re going on a holiday vacation to Hawaii, then a Hawaiian-themed junk journal should keep some fragments of the memories you’ve made there. You can stick your plane and terminal tickets, postcards, map, the table napkin of the first authentic Hawaiian restaurant you’ve dined in, and you can decorate it with motifs from hula hoops, coconut trees, and other materials from the beach.

To give your journal more strength, prep the pages with gesso. Be extra creative with the cover. You can add a really nice pattern from an old fabric, a cord or ribbon on it. You can also add a cut-out of your favorite quote or some colourful, outgrown stickers.

What is ironic is that a junk journal could contain some of the best moments of your life. At first, you may think of the junk you put in your journal as just “junk;” but, those pieces can actually make up a collection of mementos worth remembering, something you’d be happy to look back from time to time.

If you haven’t started a junk journal yet, now is the time to try making one. Encourage your kids to do the same. Help them start a hobby that fosters creativity – the clever and frugal way.

What do you think of junk journalling? Would you rather stick with the traditional scrapbooking? Let us know in the comments section below!