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The Cost of Fashion: Negative Effects of Wearing High Heels

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Posted on November 15 2017

Wearing high heeled shoes has become a staple fashion for females all across the world. Nothing beats the look of the right pair of heels with the perfect outfit. However, no matter how great you look in them, high heels can cause irreversible changes on your body’s posture as well as countless of osteopathic and muscle problems along the way. Here are some of the negative effects of wearing high heels as well as a few fashion advice for women who can’t help but wear them.


No matter how great it makes your butt look, high heels can cause a lot of health problems for women. Here are just some of them.


The higher the heels a woman wears, the more it pushes the ankle bone to the larger leg muscles. This causes greater tension on the ankles which is more than it was designed to bear. Also, wearing heels creates instability on the feet because the weight is not distributed evenly on the whole foot. This instability can cause falls that can lead to ankle fractures and sprains.


The natural s-curvature of the spine serves as a shock absorber to the body, thus reducing shock stress on the bones of the trunk. When a person wears heels, this straightens the lumbar spine which naturally brings the thoracic and cervical spine backward. To counteract this change in orientation, the body is forced to lean forward in order to redistribute the centre of gravity to the body. This creates tension on the back muscles. When these muscles experience fatigue, this leads to back pain. Pain can also result from the compression of nerves on the back due to the change in orientation of the spine.


When women wear heels, the muscles and tendons of their legs shorten. When these people chronically wear their heels, they can cause irreversible changes to these muscles and tendons.


Although wearing heels can cause all these bad health effects, some women cannot help but wear them. They are, after all, a staple outfit go-to for formal, corporate, and party attires. However, there are alternatives. Here are some fashion ideas that can help you avoid the unfavorable effects of wearing high heels.


Instead of wearing those 4-inch heels to that party, why not go for some equally stylish flats? You won’t compromise your look and you’ll be comfortable the whole time. If you really can’t help it, a fashion advice for you would be to pack some flats while you’re out wearing your heels. Once you’ve felt the strain on your feet, just switch to your flats.


Since we’ve mentioned that wearing heels puts a ton of strain on your legs, strengthen your legs enough to bear the pressure. This will not only decrease your risk for ankle sprains and fractures, but your legs will look toned and amazing. A helpful fashion tip for ladies is to start doing strength workouts not just for legs but for the whole body as well. This is so you’ll look toned and able to prevent accidents from hazardous footwear. It’ll also improve your posture and make the clothes look great on you.


2-inches is just enough height to make your posture look long and regal. At the same time, it does not put too much strain on your knees, ankles and back. Your feet will thank you for it! This will also lessen the risk of serious and irreversible injuries to your legs. Some of you may think 2-inches is just too short so a fashion advice for you is to wear platform heels instead. The height will look 4-inches but it’ll feel like 2-inches.


When you wear heels, most of your body weight is concentrated on the balls of your feet. This leads to lessening of your feets natural cushion in that area, allowing it to redistribute somewhere else. To counteract this phenomenon, put some foot pads in your shoes to provide extra shock absorbers at the balls of your feet.


As if the strain of your heels isn’t bad enough, if you add the fact that you’re wearing ill-fitting shoes, you’ll literally kill your feet. Avoid buying shoes that are too small on you by going shoe shopping during noon. This is because our feet are at its largest during this time of the day, so when you shop for shoes at this time, you’ll end up buying shoes that can accommodate the largest size your feet can reach.


The pointed toe heels constrain the distal parts of your feet, which is the widest part of your feet. A style tip for you would be to go for styles with rounded or square toes, and strappy heels. This will allow more room for your toes to wiggle, preventing unnecessary tension around your toes. You’ll be avoiding calluses and ingrown nails which can lead to infections.


Stores like Aerosoles and CC Corso Como specialise in shoe designs that provide comfort for your feet. They create all types of shoes, even heels, so if you really can’t help yourself with buying heels, go for these kinds of brands. You’ll have the look and the comfort all in one. However, these shoes are pricier than their other competitors so don’t be shocked that you’re spending more on these shoes. You’re paying for the comfort anyways; what’s a couple of extra bucks to your overall health?

These are just some style advice when it comes to the hazards of wearing high heels. Preventing the irreversible outcomes of high heels is a must in order to maintain a good quality of living.

Do you guys have any other comments and tips for women who love wearing heels? Let us know in the comments section below!