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Tips For That Crispy and Juicy Fried Chicken

Katya Bowd

Posted on September 11 2017

The finger lickin’ good, the crispylicious, juicylicious, all around family meal; this is the fried chicken! I have yet to find anyone who does not enjoy a great piece of fried chicken. All around the world, there are tons of different varieties of fried chicken, however nothing beats the classic fried chicken that is perfectly paired with some delicious gravy. You’d expect that since this dish has been here for so long, people would know how to cook it perfectly each time. However, there are countless times I’ve seen fried chicken that’s not crispy, pretty soggy, and very dry inside. So, if your fried chicken is exactly like how I described it earlier and you want to achieve the same quality as Texas Fried Chicken (Church’s Chicken in the US) and KFC, then follow these tips for that scrumptious fried chicken that your family will enjoy.


One way to achieve the crispy on the outside yet moist and juicy on the inside texture of your fried chicken is to cut up the pieces just right. When you order your chicken, you can choose the pre-cut pieces of just drumsticks, wings, or breasts or you can choose to buy a whole chicken then just chop the pieces off yourself for more variety. If you’re going for different pieces of red meat and white meat, be sure to cut up the breast parts into 2 to 3 pieces in order for you to cook the breast perfectly along with the drumsticks and wings. Having too large breast pieces will not cook as the same time as the other pieces. Also, there’s a chance that you’ll overcook the outer portion of the chicken while undercooking the inner portion. Be sure to cut up your chicken pieces in a proportional manner in order to prepare a delicious dish from an easy family chicken recipe.


The secret to a juicy piece of chicken is how you leave it to marinade in either buttermilk or brine. If you want the traditional, American-style fried chicken, soak up your chicken in buttermilk but if you just want a flavourful chicken, choose to go with brine that’s flavoured with different spices. You can also choose to combine the seasoning of buttermilk and brine to really give your chicken that kick of flavour. Be sure to allow your chicken to sit in the brine and buttermilk for at least 24 hours to allow your chicken to completely absorb the flavour. Adding this step to your chicken will give your family meal an extra kick of flavour.


This step will make your chicken packed with flavor. Don’t forget to season your chicken with salt and pepper every step of the process. Also, season your marinade (whether brine, buttermilk, or both) with any flavor you want. If you want a little spice, add some paprika. If you want it to have a little bit of indian flavour, go ahead and add some cumin to the mix. Basically, the spices you add to your marinade, your breading, and your chicken will all be based on the type of flavor you want. Try adding some healthy seasonings in your oil like some garlic in order to make your fried chicken not just a delicious family meal but a healthy one as well.


One mistake all home cooks make when making their fried chicken is investing in some deep fryers and using low smoke point oils. You do not need to spend a ton of money on a deep fryer to make some crispy fried chicken. Using a deep pan with a lot of oil is good enough. Also, using high smoke point oils like canola oil, lard, and peanut oil is a must when frying your chicken. Be sure that the temperature is high enough (around 350 F) before putting your chicken in. Use a thermometer to get the correct temperature but you can also eyeball it by flicking some breaking in the oil. If it sizzles then your oil is definitely hot enough to completely fry your chicken. This tip will not only save you money from buying useless products that won’t help you achieve that delicious family chicken meal, it’ll also help you achieve that crispy yet juicy chicken your kids will love!


Some people choose to skip the breading if they want to be healthier but fried chicken isn’t fried chicken without the breading. This gives the chicken the extra crunch with every bite. You can choose to go traditional with store-bought breading but you can also give it a twist by using cornflakes as your breading. This will give your chicken a sweet yet crunchy taste. This simple addition to your family dish will give your chicken an instant addition in flavor that you and your family will enjoy.


I know most people do this. After they take out any fried food from the pan, they immediately place them on tissue paper in order to absorb all the extra oils out. However, using tissue to absorb the oils will make the chicken absorb the steam thus leaving you with a soggy fried chicken. No one wants a soggy chicken so instead of using some tissue paper, try putting some wire racks on top of a baking tray. Then place the fried chicken on top of the wire racks. The oils will drip off the chicken and onto the baking tray while your fried chicken air dries. This will keep your chicken nice and crunchy while removing the excess oil from the chicken.

Follow these helpful tips and you’ll have crispy and delicious chicken in no time. If you have other tips and tricks on how to make the perfect fried chicken, share it with us in the comments section below!