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“Today, I’m Going To…” Daily TO-DOs FREE Printable

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Posted on August 01 2017

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

When asked what your dreams are, what will be your answer? It would be easy to enumerate for some, while there are others who’d probably stop and think long and hard and ponder what their life dreams really are. But come to think of it, a goal or a dream need not be something so big or life-changing that it’s either you bleed to make it happen or keep it as it is – a mere dream.

A goal can be that 15-minute exercise routine you’d want to do every morning to stay fit. It could be that nightly 20-minute bedtime story routine with your child, or it could be 10 minutes of “me time” and just jotting down your thoughts on your mum planner.

Indeed, whatever your goals are and however big or small they are, the difference lies only when you take action. Those little efforts you commit to every day aren’t little at all, they are the very ones you’d need to conquer a feat.

Yep, we are so rooting for you here at Mumsy & Bub!

With that, our August FREEBIE “Today, I’m Going To…” Daily TO-DOs Printable is designed to help you plan and execute your endeavors for the day.

Give your daily planners for women some spunk with a Daily “To-DO’ list printable that’s feminine yet effective. Needing that little reminder? Jot it down on the “Today’s Main Goal:” section. Want that extra push? Write it like it’s a done deal on “Slayed It!” section. Inspired with a new idea? Make sure to save it on “Doodles and Inspiration” section. We also included “The Hustle” list for your daily checklist of to-dos. Corral all your priorities and schedules for your command center, calendar, household, grocery shopping, or whatever plans you have for the day. We cannot stress enough the importance of a relatively simple act of writing. It will make the entire day flow easier, helping you never to miss a thing anymore!

Yes, keep track of what you need to get done and set up a deadline; not tomorrow or some other time, but today!

The printable to-do list comes in size A5 sheet of pastels and florals, a truly perfect fit for your Mum Planner. We really can’t wait for you to grab our treat for this month! Insert them in between the pages and be more inspired to stay organised and productive.