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Top 10 Tips for A Stress-free Party

Katya Bowd

Posted on April 03 2017

There are times when we get boggled and caught up in the stress of throwing an upcoming party, especially when we know there will be a lot of guests who will be pouring in during that day! It is only normal for us to prepare for special occasions. However, regardless if the event is going to be a big celebration or otherwise, here are some helpful tips to help lessen your chances of experiencing anxiety or unwanted tension.

1.- Determine the type of occasion to be celebrated. Is it a birthday party? A wedding anniversary? Or a mere outdoor cookout? This will help you gain a clear party plan and develop a better vision on the outcome you would want to achieve.

2.- It is important to keep a list or a notebook where you can easily jot down your ideas, your to-do’s, and other important reminders. People ‘living by the list’ find themselves more relaxed and less hassled whenever an event is about to take place.

3.- Take note of the number of guests, the venue, the date, and time of the event.

4.- Send out the invites in advance. The last thing you need is calling everyone the last minute telling them that the occasion will take place soon enough to put you on panic mode!

5.- Rent or borrow some chairs and tables if you don’t have enough to accommodate all of your guests. This is one the things you should book in advance.

6.- When it comes to food, book a trusted caterer ahead of time. Make sure that the dishes to be served is at par with the majority of your guests’ palates.

If you’re the one doing all the cooking, it is best to prepare it ahead. There are lots of budget-friendly meal ideas which are enough to feed a crowd. Ask friends or browse online for further tips and ideas. Don’t forget to stock up on drinks, crackers, and other small snacks.

7.- Have the entertainment set up a day or two before the party.

8.- Don’t forget to set up your decor in advance as well. Make sure that you already have a theme as this will serve as a guide on how you should arrange things.

9.- Assign individual tasks to people who are involved. Having a helping hand can greatly decrease the amount of stress. Shouldering all aspects of the event on your own can definitely drain you of your precious time, energy, and even money. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. This is also a great way to make the guests feel more involved.

10.- If you feel that you have too many friends and relatives who will be attending the event, you may simply announce that the party is definitely “open house” – which means that they can feel free to drop by at any time of the day.

Have a happy and stress-free party planning!

How do you make sure a stress free party? We love to hear it, let us know in the comments section below!