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What fits in our B6 Travelers Notebooks? | Episode 4 | Mumsy & Bub

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Posted on May 22 2020

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Episode 4 of our What Fits series. This week’s episode will focus on what types of notebooks and inserts fit in our Standard and Perfect Fit B6 Travelers Notebooks.


What is a B6 size good for?

The B6 TN is becoming more and more of a favourite due to its manageable and relatively proportionate size. It is, indeed, a great size. It’s not too heavy, not too big, not too small, and yet it provides a lot of space for everyday planning or journaling.

    At the moment, we offer 2 types of B6 TNs – one standard and one perfect fit. Although both fit standard B6 sized inserts measuring 7 inches in height by 5 inches in width, there are still some differences between the two.

    What are the dimensions of Mumsy & Bub Standard B6 and Perfect Fit B6 TNs?

    • Standard B6: H: 7.6” x W 5.7” when folded with 1.25 inch reinforced spine. The internal pockets are crescent-shaped with 1 ID window pocket on the left.
    • Perfect Fit B6: Overall width of approximately 12.1 inches. Width, when folded, is approximately 5.3 inches with 1.5 inch reinforced spine.

    The only difference between the two is that the perfect fit b6 which has the standard 6 strands is meant to feel sleeker (for those who don't want the extra "bulk"). The standard b6 will give a bit of extra space.

    What inserts fit?

    Both sizes can fit 5x7 notebook/planner inserts

    Perfect fit B6 Fits...

    • Nati Planning B6 Insert
    • Mumsy & Bub B6 Wallet Insert
    • B6 Stalogy (looped through the strings)


    Standard B6 Fits...

    • HP Mini (fit through the back pocket or strings)
    • EC Perpetual Calendar
    • B6 Stalogy (fit through the back pocket or strings)
    • Mumsy & Bub Wallet Insert
    • Any standard B6 diary
    • B6 Wallet Inserts Fit perfectly too. We made sure that the inserts aren't as wide as a standard B6 insert so it's not too big when used as a standalone wallet. We had to consider that too.


    Mumsy & Bub’s traveler's notebooks are affordable, beautiful yet still functional, and are made of high quality cruelty-free leather. Get yours today only at

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