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What fits in our Weeks Covers? | Episode 2 | Mumsy & Bub

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Posted on April 20 2020


Hi, everyone! We hope that you are well, healthy, and safe during these uncertain times. We will get through this!

Again, our aim with this video series is to give our audience an insight as to what fits in the different travelers notebook cover sizes that we currently offer as opposed to filming everything in one LONG go which would result in you jumping from one timestamp to another just to get to the size you’re looking for. So, without further ado…

Here is Episode 2 of our “What fits…” series featuring our Weeks Covers


What is a Weeks Cover good for?

The Weeks is about the size of a ladies’ wallet. It may look slim, but it's the perfect size to practice mindfulness and productivity. An ideal piece for planning on-the-go, this TN fits perfectly into a suit pocket or bag.

What are the dimensions of Mumsy & Bub Weeks Cover with reinforced spine vs without?

The Standard Weeks cover measures 3.75”x 7.4”x 0.4”, which is approximately 23 cm overall width x 20.5 cm in height; whereas the Weeks cover with 1.25-inch reinforced spine measures 8” H x 9.2" W or approximately 23cm overall width x 20.5 cm height. Given the dimensions, if you’re looking for more structure, the variant with reinforced spine is the way to go. If you’re into something that allows more flexibility, the one without is a great option.

What inserts fit?

Specifically designed for the Hobonichi Weeks planner, our Weeks Covers also fit the Kinbor Planner (aka “fauxbonichi), PP Weeks, and other similar planners and inserts.






Inserts Mentioned in the video…


Mumsy & Bub’s Weeks covers are affordable, beautiful yet still functional, and are made of high quality vegan leather. Get yours today HERE.