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When ‘Taking a Break’ Means Something Else

Katya Bowd

Posted on January 12 2018

My breaks are typically at the mercy of my children.

They take a break, I take a break.

They decide to potter around the house yet stay seemingly undemanding for a couple of minutes, I take a break.

They decide to sleep for 2 hours, I take a break

And when I say “take a break,” this doesn’t necessarily mean me taking a nap or doing whatever the heck I want. It’s me being able to catch up on my chores, clean up that filthy room that I just painstakingly cleaned 2 days ago, me throwing out that stinky nappy in the biodegradable bin once and for all, or me picking up that piece of god-knows-what that’s been lying in the corner for ages! It’s me being able to unload the dishwasher or hang clothes on the clothing line without being hassled. It’s me going to the toilet without an audience even for just once.

If I’m lucky enough, I get to have a 10-minute lie down or 10-minutes with JUST MYSELF and my cup of Joe which only happens when:

a - my husband offers to look after the kids or when I ask him to (Matt works from 6am to 5:30pm. He’s a hardworker and as much as possible, I make it a point to not let him do any of MY chores. To be fair.)

b - my youngest is asleep and my eldest is busy with her ABC Mouse (which I still get called for from time to time)

c - when both kids are in bed (and I sometimes use this tiny window to spend time on my mum planner to plan my upcoming day.)

This may sound more of like a whiney post, but don’t we all exhausted mummas whose “work shifts” start at the crack of dawn up until midnight (or the wee hours of the morning) entitled to vent out a little? Loving our kids and taking care of each and every aspect of homemaking are a given, but that doesn’t mean whingeing (and craving for proper ME TIME) isn’t allowed. It’s inevitable! Give me someone who says their daily lives as a stay-at-home mum isn’t exhausting and I’ll personally give them a handshake.


Amidst all the madness, I. AM. WHOLE. Sure, long showers and privacy may seem far-fetched when your life revolves around a 5 and almost-two-year-old, but I wouldn’t trade in where I am right now in my life for anything in the world. I love my family with everything I have and can give.

“Think of the mess like fairy dust. One day, it will go away and take all the magic with it.”

Yeah, sure. The choco milk stain on the carpet may be far from ‘magical’ but I believe that it - in the future when I’m old and grey - will serve as a beautiful reminder that my children were once “little people” and I would look back and wish that they could be “little” again.

Does this sound like you? How do you deal with low points? Let me know in the comments section below!