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Why Making Your Planner Beautiful Isn’t a Waste of Time

Katya Bowd

Posted on November 10 2017

Why Making Your Planner Beautiful Isn’t a Waste of Time

Planners are a mum‘s best friend. It keeps you from forgetting when your kids’ recital is or their next doctor’s appointment. It also helps you plan ahead for your family. It helps plot your family schedule such as vacations, work schedule, family reunion, your son’s basketball tournament, and the like. This doesn’t even begin to describe how useful keeping a mum organiser is if you’re also a working mum. With a planner, all the deadlines, requirements and bills are kept in check or else you’ll go mad. However, as helpful as a planner is, keeping one for a whole year can seem impossible. I’ve lost count of how many virgin mum planners I’ve kept from January to April that I completely forgot about, primarily because of how dull plain these planners can be, and buying some premade ones gives you the added pressure of how busy your year will be.

However, a great way to fight off the dread of keeping a planner is by making it beautiful. The colourful typography and the fact that you design it yourself will give your woman’s daily planner a special effect that would make you want to continue writing on. However, some haters would probably tell you that designing your mum diary is a complete waste of time. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t listen to those critics.


Having a designed planner is pleasing to the eyes and will make keeping one less boring. When you buy those typical planners that are just plain and boring, you won’t be able to sum up the will to finish it. You’ll only waste your time and energy in keeping a planner. When you make your mum planner beautiful, it’ll inspire you to keep on putting entries into it. Set some time and schedule to design your planner and its pages. Also, lay it out in such a way that it fits your planning style. If you’re in to bullet journal making, design the diary like one. If you’re into the the monthly or weekly calendar type, make it look amazing with each passing month or week. Having a planner that is relaxing and pleasing to look at when doing a task that requires effort makes the task not as hard to do as you’d think.

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If you’re an artsy person like me, then you’ll understand the simple joy of finding the time to do something creative. Why not be creative and productive at the same time? You can use all types of tools in order to design your planner. If you’re into water colouring, use that to create the backdrop pages for your planner. You can also exercise your graphic design skills by creating cute icons and stickers for your planner. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, designing your planner won’t be such a huge daunting task. Designing can take you as less as 15 minutes if you’ve gotten used to it. Load up your arts and crafts table with necessary art materials like coloured pens, pencils, paint, and markers to not waste your time going to the bookstore just to pick out the materials each time. Also, if you have the gift of calligraphy, feel free to cover your planner with quotes and cute lettering to make it cuter and prettier.

mum organiser, planners for women, mums diary 


When thinking of using a planner, a beginner would probably buy generic monthly diaries with premade calendars and weekly journal spaces. The problem with this is that most of the time, these premade planners do not have the essential parts you’d want. The problem could also be from the layout. The way some planners are designed just doesn’t fit your sense of style, making it hard for you to use. It’s one big eyesore that you don’t enjoy looking at, at all. So, if you’re going to design your own planner, you have control on what parts are there. You can add an expense journal or maybe a calorie counting area; it’s all up to you and your family’s needs! You won’t have to be constrained with those boring planners and their lack of extra features. Create your own and you’ll be glad you did cause then, you’ll be able to keep track of everything you would need.

 mum organiser, planners for women, mums diary

However, keep in mind that designing planners are not for everyone. It takes time and effort and if you’re not so passionate about those things, my suggestion would be to look at the selection of planners in your local bookstore or even online (go check out our planner) to see what fits your interests. Once you’ve found the perfect planner with the style and layout you want, you’ll end up using it until there are no pages left to use.

Do you find this article helpful or interesting? Do you have other reasons as to why making your planner beautiful isn’t a waste of time? Do you have other design hacks you’d like to share when it comes to beautifying your planner? Let us know in the comments section below.