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Winter Icons Stickers

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Posted on June 12 2018

Maybe it's the first winter breeze blowing through the hibernating trees and caressing your flush cheeks. Perhaps it's wrapping up in thick scarves and knitted socks, the long nights, hot cups of chocolate, or maybe the whimsical feeling that make you long for connection and love. And it doesn't even matter if the pavement is blanketed with snow or not, the cold weather is just magical!

Stay warm and settle in with this pretty winter icons planner stickers and make sure the cold won't bother you as you make time to organise, refocus, and be inspired. The cold days might make you feel lazy, but it's all the more reason to strive and be productive, isn't it?

So curl up with your favourite planner and set your intentions. Download these winter-themed planner stickers via Adobe Acrobat Reader or any similar program and make sure to set to the actual size or otherwise it will not print correctly. You can either choose a regular matte or waterproof matte adhesive paper, (200gsm is a good option if you want better quality) and use it along with your other planner accessories to give your spread a sweet and pretty winter makeover.

We hope you find this printable helpful and don’t forget to share the love!

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Until the next giveaway! <3