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Winter Penguin Printable Die Cuts (Set of 4)

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Posted on June 19 2018

Do you love all things penguin?

It could be their impeccable fashion sense, their sweet and fluffy image, or wobbly gait that make penguins too cute for words -  a mere look at one could melt the coldest of hearts!

We're pretty sure there's a penguin gift for anyone who adores this beloved soul and our version is today's free printable.

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your dashboards or basically just want to add a touch of cuddly cuteness on your weekly or monthly spreads, we're sure you're going to enjoy these cute winter penguin printable die cuts.

Die cuts are a fun way to dress up your planners, scrapbooks, calendars, or any craft project that you have. They are pretty much like stickers without the sticky part at the back, so you can get more creative:  punch a hole in it, or use it as a tag for gifts or souvenirs. You can also group individual die cuts together, place them on a cardstock paper, and laminate and make yourself a new bookmark.

To get started, download this winter planner printable file which contains 4 cute winter penguin die cut designs via Adobe Acrobat Reader or any similar program. Just before printing, make sure to set it to the actual size or scale to 100% for best output.

We hope you find this printable helpful and always remember to fill your pages with something that can make you smile.

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