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Winter Planner Sticker Set

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Posted on June 26 2018

winter planner sticker set

A month-long after and we still can't believe that winter is finally here! Who else has been in denial this whole time and still holding onto the nice, warm and toasty days?

But of course, we do want to look at the brighter side of things, don't we? Besides, despite the cold, who says winter is boring? On the contrary, there are so many fun and beautiful things to do during this season and one of which is planning.

There's no better way to use your time staying indoors than to do something you love. Do you want to give your planner spread a makeover? Looking for ways to doll up your journal? Thinking of making your first scrapbooking project? Gather all the supplies including this week's printable - winter planner stickers and get started!

Who doesn't love using stickers? They're one of the cutest and most versatile planner accessories you can have. You can use them to decorate your pages as well as your bookmarks, dashboards, and calendars. To get this week's winter planner printable, just download the PDF file and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader or any similar program. To ensure quality output, set the size to its actual size and print on 200gsm adhesive paper of your choice.

By downloading any of our files and printables, you accept that they are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY and that you may not sell or re-distribute these images.