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Yoplait Petit Miam Review

Katya Bowd

Posted on October 13 2017


Hi, lovelies!

We’re so excited to have been chosen to review Australia’s #1 yoghurt – Yoplait Petit Miam.

My kids and I are absolute yoghurt fans (considering that it’s a better and healthy alternative to ice cream!) We make it a point to incorporate it to our daily diet given that yoghurt does provide a number of health benefits without compromising taste.

When it comes to healthy and snacks for toddlers, nothing comes close to yoghurt! In terms of availability, affordability, nutritional benefits, and goodness, a cup of your chosen variant contains all of that. Versatility wise, you can also combine it with other breakfast, lunch, dinner dishes and snacks.

Before getting into the juicy bits, let’s talk about packaging…

Compared to other squeezy pouches, Yoplait’s packaging is very forgiving in terms of being able to easily twist the cap off and put it back on; as well as squeezing all the contents out up to the very last drop. It is also very convenient to take anywhere you go. You can put them in your bag easily which makes them great packaged snacks or you can stock them in your fridge so you can just hand it to your kids when they go hungry any time of the day with no mess at all!

Do your kids love yoghurt?

Let’s face it, the tangy flavour of the classic yoghurt is not so appealing to the little human’s palette which makes it a little hard for them to appreciate this type of snack. They might give it a bit of a try but they won’t be able to finish it.

Yoplait Petit Miam’s yoghurt range dispels every type of doubt and hesitation from picky eaters.

Currently, they have 10 flavours for their 70g pouches; and although this particular variant is an ideal snack for babies aging 6-12 months, it wouldn’t hurt if older kids and parents alike give it a go as well. Which we did actually. (Cheers to my fellow adventurous and curious mums out there!) Just recently, the kids (and I) were able to try out their Blueberry, Fruit Salad, Strawberry, and Plain flavours. The latter, however, contains no sugar and additives.

Yoplait Petit Miam 70g Pouch Nutritional Count

Blueberry Yoghurt:

Energy – 215Kj

Saturated Fat – 1.1g

Calcium – 213mg

Strawberry Yoghurt:

Energy – 213Kj

Saturated Fat – 1.1g

Calcium – 213mg

Fruit Salad Yoghurt:

Energy – 210Kj

Saturated Fat – 1.1g

Calcium – 213mg

Plain Yoghurt:

Energy – 181Kj

Saturated Fat – 1.1g

Calcium – 239mg

When deciding on a yoghurt brand, look for these top 3 characteristics…

  • 5g or less saturated fat per 100g
  • 100mg or more calcium per 100g
  • 450kJ energy or less per 100g and 900kJ or less per serving

Growing kids need all the energy, nutrients, and calcium they can get. The toddler years – or what I call “developmental years” – are bound to be filled with lots and lots of fun physical activities; and in order for your little ones to be able to make the most out of it, they would need to be exceptionally fit and healthy. The Yoplait Petit Miam yoghurt line greatly contributes to good health. Try it out today!