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“You’re the Mum!” (Rolls eyes) My Post-Valentine’s Day Sentiments

Katya Bowd

Posted on February 19 2018

Post-Valentine’s Day Sentiments

I have this friend back home who dedicated an entire Facebook post to singles on this overrated time of the year - Valentine’s Day. It was about how some single people are regarded as strong, steadfast, and not lowering their standards just to join the bandwagon of “takens.” Who know their worth by not settling for less..

Well this post is about US - strong, hard-working, work-from-home mums who are generally unpaid “employees.”

Let me ask you something. Has anyone ever pulled the “You’re the mum!” card on you? When things go wrong, have you ever been blamed because you’re the mum?

I get it. We are generally responsible for how our children behave during their first few years on earth. We are responsible for their overall well-being because who else is going to be?

But then again, there are inevitable times when things just go beyond our control and we, unfortunately, get pointed fingers at. As if we weren’t allowed to make mistakes. As if we weren’t that exhausted enough. As if we wouldn’t do anything for our family. As if we need to be reminded more of our role as mothers.

Well, let me tell you something..

This is a mum who wakes up early everyday without fail to prepare everyone’s breakfasts and make sure their lunches are packed.

This is a mum whose cleaning spree never ends! Keeping the lounge room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilets, and laundry room clean are always on the priorities list just below where it says “Give so and so a bath. Cook. School drop-off and pick-up....”

This is a mum who works overtime, who works on weekends, who hardly gets enough sleep.

This is a mum who walks 5-6 km a day to and fro kindergarten because she doesn’t have a license yet. (I’m a late bloomer when it comes to driving )

This is a mum who would do anything that she can for her family, who silently (most of the time) suffers in her own personal hell, who tries to balance family and business life and sacrifices her own personal aspirations.

Sometimes, I can’t even recognise myself in the mirror. The dark circles under my eyes have become my new badges of honour.

So to us strong, beautiful, and sometimes misunderstood mama’s - remember.. We are only human. We are allowed to make mistakes, be annoyed, feel tired, complain, and feel sad. Because at the end of the day, with all the crazy things that have happened, we know deep down that we will continue to push ourselves and draw the strength to keep moving forward no matter what...

Here’s to us!