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Natural Anti-acne Ingredients

Written by: Katya on 20/09/17

Taking time to care for your skin might seem low on the totem pole of a busy mum’s priorities. But, consider this: your skin is part of the first impression you make on people when they meet you! It’s certainly not the MOST important part of you, but it is a part of you, nonetheless! … Continue reading “Natural Anti-acne Ingredients”

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Easy-to-Do Korean Make-Up Secrets for the Everyday Woman

Written by: Staff Post on 06/09/17

If you’ve been alive this past decade, and not living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the term K-pop. K-pop, short for Korean Pop, is a pop-cultural phenomenon consisting of groups of girls and boys performing pop hits and taking the world by storm. Groups such as Girl’s Generation, 2NE1, and Super Junior have … Continue reading “Easy-to-Do Korean Make-Up Secrets for the Everyday Woman”

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Detox and Rejuvenate Using Coffee

Written by: Guest Post on 22/08/17

When it comes to beginning our mornings, a little coffee can make you go a long way especially when powering through traffic or dealing with an overzealous mom in the parking lot. While coffee may be the source of our get up and go in the mornings, and the only way to stay sane while … Continue reading “Detox and Rejuvenate Using Coffee”

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Lipstick Mistakes You’re Guilty of Committing

Written by: Katya on 21/08/17

Everyone has probably joined the bandwagon of ColourPop lippies and Kylie Jenner’s lipstick collection, which are understandable because lipsticks are awesome, seriously. Your lipstick is like the perfect shoes that complete your overall banging outfit. It binds your whole makeup together, making you look effortlessly fabulous. I, personally, use my lipstick as a way of … Continue reading “Lipstick Mistakes You’re Guilty of Committing”

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