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How to Help Your Child Make Friends

Written by: Katya on 24/07/17

One challenge to helping your child build relationships is knowing when to step in – and when to stand back and watch. There are delicate steps to the process of building friendships! Children just take it for granted that others will want to be friends with them. But whether or not they are able to … Continue reading “How to Help Your Child Make Friends”

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Are the Kids Making a War-Zone Out of Your Home?

Written by: Katya on 14/07/17

If you had siblings growing up, you remember what it was like. There are usually a number of triggers that inevitably sprout up in the relationship between siblings, prompting outbreaks of tempers and the impulsive behaviours that take place. The following advice on parenting may assist you in helping your children identify their own triggers, … Continue reading “Are the Kids Making a War-Zone Out of Your Home?”

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Protecting Your Child from Predators

Written by: Katya on 05/07/17

“Why do we have rules?” “To keep us safe.” This mantra is heard in my home a lot. It’s all paranoia… until it’s your child. The conversation of protecting children from predators can prompt a broad range of responses, from shock to ridicule. This is understandable. It can seem like some parents are over the … Continue reading “Protecting Your Child from Predators”

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Getting Your Kids to Bed – Setting a Good Sleep Routine

Written by: Katya on 26/06/17

Sleep is the most impacted part of life when it comes to the arrival of children. Sure, the diapers are numerous, and the baby gear collection taking over the house is a wonder to behold. But it’s the sleep schedule that new parents talk about the most. No two children are alike in their untamed … Continue reading “Getting Your Kids to Bed – Setting a Good Sleep Routine”

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