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A6 Travelers Notebook - Nightwish


What do you wish you had more time for? More moments with your best friends and the people you love? Take more trips and experience life more? Take care of yourself more?

Be inspired to make time for what matters most with the help of your trusty traveler's notebook like Nightwish.

Now in A6 size, this purple metallic, cruelty-free traveler's notebook with an oil edge finish is not just eye candy, but an efficient and versatile tool to help you identify your priorities, set your goals, and practice the amazing habit of being intentional with your time.

SPECS and Features:

  • 4 strings (2mm each)
  • 1.2-inch spine
  • Crescent-shaped Pockets (left - 2 i.d holders and 1 large pocket, right - 1 large pocket)
  • Holds 4x6” notebook inserts
  • Flap Dimensions: 4.5” x 6.5”
  • Cover measures 6.5" x 11.0" laid flat end-to-end
  • Made of PU / Luxury metallic vinyl
  • White stitching
  • 2mm purple elastic straps
  • With or without the pen holder option



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