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A6 Travelers Notebook - Stargazer


Life has its right turns and wrong turns and you might often find yourself at junctures. But don't you worry, for it only means that an opportunity is upon you- waiting for you to look up, breathe, and recalibrate.

With a trusty writing buddy like Stargazer, you can navigate life's detours and find your true north no matter what.

Acknowledge your feelings and write them down on your journal. Plan your way to success and stay attuned to your goals. Embrace and appreciate your unique journey with the best A6 traveler's notebook for company.

Stargazer is designed for stylish, functional, and versatile planning. Its stunning yet neutral colour makes it a lovely tool to help you build your ideal lifestyle.  

Derived from the same durable and high-quality material used in our “perfect fit” B6 TNs, Stargazer A6 traveler's notebook is for anyone who loves planning, memory keeping, bullet journalling, and so much more! It's lightweight yet resilient with a slightly textured yet smooth and soft finish and ample space to jot down your agenda while on the-go!

Product specifications:

• 4 strings (2mm each)
• 1.2-inch spine
• Crescent-shaped Pockets (left - 2 i.d holders and 1 large pocket, right - 1 large pocket)
• Holds 4x6” notebook inserts
• Flap Dimensions: 4.5” x 6.5”
• Cover measures 6.5" x 11.0" laid flat end-to-end
• Made of PU leather
• White stitching
• 2mm cream-coloured elastics straps
• With or without the pen holder option


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