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Perfect Fit B6 Travelers Notebook - Bisque

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Do you wake up in the morning feeling giddy and excited about life? Each of us is basking in a unique and personal journey, full of lessons and reasons to be happy.

It could be about a failed interview, a missed flight, a lost love, the stray pup you met on the street and decided to adopt, a random thank you, a kiss on the forehead, a warm hug, or hearing your bub say "Mum" for the first time - every piece of the puzzle that makes up your life!

Whether you want to take a trip down memory lane, celebrate where you are today or that big leap of planning your way towards a better tomorrow, we have the perfect traveler's notebook for you.

Enjoy downtime in understated elegance with Bisque and let every moment in life help you learn and grow.

This dainty beige-coloured B6 traveler's notebook is something you want to keep around. Its neutral colour gives you the edge to personalise it as you wish. You can take full advantage of its versatility by choosing your own pages. We also have a beautiful collection of printable inserts specifically designed for your TN such as blank, lined, and dotted grid paper as well as weekly and monthly pages to go well with Bisque. Do check them out HERE 

Among its features are:

  • A versatile design and the option to choose your pages. (Planner fillers are sold separately for a more customised experience.)
  • Scalloped secretarial pockets in both front and back covers (ID pocket on left flap and a ring holder option on right flap)
  • White stitching
  • 2mm cream-coloured elastics straps
  • Rounded corners
  • Sleek and compact design
  • With or without the pen holder option


Specs (Dimensions/Material):

  • 1.5 inch spine
  • Overall width of approximately 12.1 inches. Width when folded is approximately 5.3 inches
  • Made of PU leather
  • Snuggly fits 5x7 notebook/planner inserts


Each traveler's notebook cover cannot be guaranteed 100% perfect but will be checked for quality and any noticeable flaws prior to shipping. Also, please note that the actual colour may look a little different from what is seen on your desktop or mobile screen.

Watch the video below for a brief walkthrough of our B6 TNs collection


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