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Mum Planner - Periwinkle


If you have a million things to do, how will you keep things balanced?

Here at Mumsy & Bub, we understand how difficult it is to juggle daily tasks whilst making sure no one in the family is being left ignored, hence the creation of our mum planner. As busy mums, a cluttered home is a nightmare, but it sure is a reality when you don't make the effort to keep yourself, your work, and your home organised.

This unique mum planner with beautifully designed planner inserts and dividers is specially made for mums like you. Purple inspires balance and harmony of the mind, so be at peace with yourself by keeping track of your day to day activities, goals, and everyday musings. It's a family planner altogether, because a well-planned mummy day is a well-planned family day too!

And good news for the diligent! Our daily planner for mums comes with an added feature -- a work section for you to jot down your work notes. Isn't that lovely? This well-tuned planner for women helps you focus on the more important things to accomplish instead of just showing you how much work left to do in a short time. Make the most of your mum planner through the Monthly Calendar, Weekly to-do's, Home and Family, Work,  and Notes Section to keep things on track because a woman like you, deserves a happy and organised life.

  1. A non-dated monthly calendar
  2. Week-by-week pages
  3. Personal corner where you can jot down your bucket list, books to read, movies to watch, favourite restaurants, contacts, goals, and so much more. Don’t forget, us mums need our time too!
  4. Home and Family section. It’s where you can record important dates and upcoming appointments. There’s also a space where you can write down your favourite recipes, meals for the week, project and vacation ideas, track your expenses, and a lot more. 
  5. Work Section. Keep track of your passwords, quick to-dos, and favorite websites all in one place. For mums who work online, we’ve provided special pages for your content calendars and social media activities to help you manage tasks easily.
  6. Notes Section. A generous amount of space can be found in the notes section allowing you to scribble down your musings or any additional information.

Watch the Video Below to See what’s Inside our Beautiful Planners



  • Price: $69.95 (FREE Shipping to anywhere in Australia)
  • Color: [Pink, Teal, Purple, Deep Red, Rose Gold]
  • Material: PU
  • Size: A5 (230 mm L x 185mm W x 40 mm H )
  • Hardware: silver ring binder with magnetic button closure
  • Pen holder
  • A5 opp polythene envelope
  • Planner Cover Dimensions: 23 x 18.5 cm
  • Paper Size: 14.5 x 21 cm
  • Binder Ring Size: 30mm
  • Inner pockets (front): 5 pockets + 1 zippered compartment
  • Inner pockets (back): 2 pockets (205 mm x 170 mm)



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