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B6 TN - Monthly Printable Sheet (Undated)


Why do you use a planner? Simple. Because life can get pretty crazy and we have to get things done!

Download and print this undated monthly planner sheet, write down your monthly things and slay them one by one.

A monthly planner is ideal for tracking important dates and appointments - holidays, anniversaries, birthdays,  vacations, school terms, playdates, your next doctor's visit, and all those you want to remember each month. It's a great way to see something at the start of the month, thus avoiding the last minute rush. It can also help you see the big picture. You wouldn't want to schedule two appointments on the same day, would you?

For those who love memory keeping and goal setting, a monthly planner can also serve as your yearly journal where you can write down a special moment that made you smile. Goal setting has never been this easy with a monthly planner as well. It helps you set your intentions each month and track your progress. Isn't it fulfilling to reach your weight loss goals in time for summer? It must be!

Download our B6 TN - Monthly Printable Sheet (Undated) template, print as much as you like, and plan your entire year!

This printable is perfect for any B6 traveller's notebook, laminated B6 traveller's notebook, or any B6 size ring bound planner. To use, simply get your tn or planner as a template and mark where the holes need to be punched.  Use a one-hole puncher for accuracy and for a more polished look.

Life can get overwhelming and pretty crazy sometimes, but you can make it through with a plan!

For printing tutorial, watch this video



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