Cool Tips on Freezing Food

Written by: Staff Post on 08/02/17

In this modern day and age, most individuals are getting quite busy when it comes to tending to their professional lives and likewise balancing it with other priorities such as quality time with the family and pampering time for themselves. Hence the reality that preparing meals for the entire day has become quite a challenge for some. This is the reason why more and more families resort to food-freezing habits or freezing their meals.  However, there are two things you need to consider before freezing:

1.- Make sure to wrap the food properly using the appropriate wrapping tools/apparatus

food freezing


2.- Keep track of what is in your freezer. Improper food wrapping leads to loss of moisture in the food, thus making it inedible. On the other hand, not being able to know what’s in your freezer won’t allow you to maximize allotted fridge space and it also spoils the food.

food freezing

Below is a sample food chart that will give you basic storage information and helpful tips to make food-freezing a breeze:

food freezing

Anything to add in our food-freezing tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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