Why Is It NOT a Good Idea to Lose Weight Before the Big Day?

Written by: Katya on 19/06/17

With everything else going on as you plan for your Big Day, the last thing a girl should be trying to decide in the days leading up to her wedding is “To eat, or not to eat?” It’s a no-brainer that crash-dieting in the days (or weeks) before you walk down the aisle is a big no-no. But, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with working hard to break the weight loss plateau, right? Not really… but a bride-to-be really has bigger fish to fry than reaching her “perfect” weight when getting ready to tie the knot. So what is a healthier alternative to actively trying to lose weight before the wedding?

How about just being healthy?

It’s completely reasonable to set goals that will have you feeling your best and most beautiful when you say, “I do.” Just keep some perspective. These tips for wedding day preparation will keep you focused on what is really important instead of the number on your scale or the tag on your jeans.

Remember: “Losing weight” is not the same as getting/staying healthy.

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It makes total sense to aim for healthy eating and living as you prep for your big day. But, if you DO make any improvements in your diet/exercise regimen, the goals that prompt those changes shouldn’t have anything to do with your weight or your size (remember… alterations can be pricey). The goals you set for yourself should sound more like:

  • I want clear skin (a.k.a., avoid the greasy cheeseburgers),
  • I want more energy (maybe drink more water, and get more sleep),
  • I want a healthy gut (because no one wants to feel bloated on the Big Day).
  • I want to create better-eating habits. Better do it now, before I have to adjust to married life, too (which may include moving, job-changes, etc)!

These are perfectly acceptable reasons for modifying your habits as you work through the rest of your wedding to do list.

Avoid starting a yo-yo cycle!

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The groom is so excited to be getting married to the girl he fell in love with – so be that girl! It’s no secret that getting obsessed with weight and pushing yourself too far with unhealthy dieting usually leads to binging and other unhealthy habits. An impending wedding can start that cycle if a girl is not careful! Getting engaged will often bring a renewed interest in getting in shape, which is fine. But the idea is certainly not to get sucked into the up-and-down pattern of yo-yo dieting. He doesn’t want his beautiful bride to turn into someone who is perpetually grumpy and self-conscious. If there are any changes in your diet for the reasons stated above, make sure the gradual changes are sustainable, health-focused habits that can continue beyond the wedding day to establish a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

See yourself through his eyes instead of focusing on the scale.

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The wedding advice that will get you through any “blah” day is this: Remember that he does not look at you the way YOU look at you. Listen to any woman who has been happily married for more than 20 years. She will tell you that the mystery of how a man can remain attracted to his wife, even after childbirth and aging, is that he simply doesn’t look at her the way she looks at herself. It takes practice, but a woman can listen to the way her husband (or husband-to-be) talks to her, watch how he treats her, and make a genuine effort to see herself through his eyes. Try it! We see our blemishes, love handles, and extra weight we want to lose. He doesn’t. So don’t worry about it right now. There will be time to tone the bod and squeeze into those pants again… Right now, be his bride-to-be. Eat a pastry in the coffee shop with him. Don’t stop the experiences that you’ve been sharing throughout your relationship together that brought you to where you are!

Let it be your little secret!

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The rest of your wedding party has no idea you have those “last 5 or 10 pesky pounds.” Shhh!  Don’t let your worries over losing weight put a damper on the festivities. Besides, you don’t want your bridesmaids becoming self-conscious right along with you. Instead, help everyone be focused on the fun of what is about to happen. Obviously, they all love you for who you are – or they wouldn’t be in your wedding! So love yourself, too, and enjoy being in the moment with everyone. Bridal shower goodies and all.

These wedding tips will help you be on top of your game when you are meeting the florist and having the fittings. It’s going to be an emotional time with lots of decisions to make. And, for those brides who allow themselves to be immersed in the experience, it can be a lot of fun. It’s when women lose focus on the long-term goal (staying happily married to the men they love) and get bogged and depressed over things like body image or having the “perfect wedding” that things can get out of hand. No one gets engaged thinking, “I’m going to become Bridezilla.” And no man proposes to the love of his life expecting her to become obsessed with losing weight. Be careful not to surprise him that way! He will thank you for choosing to keep your sweet disposition instead of letting yourself be hungry and cranky for the duration of your engagement. So when you’re scrolling Pinterest for decoration ideas or hunting for a gown (and maybe feeling a little down about your size) remember this wedding advice: it’s just the beginning. The lifetime of memories you make with your man will be so much more important to you than the size of your dress or how you looked in your bathing suit on the honeymoon. He’s going to think you look amazing. Believe him!

What are some healthy ways to boost self-confidence when preparing to walk down the aisle? Tell us what you think below!

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