Baby Book

Parenting books, equipped with insights and tips about family and raising kids are probably one of the most important arsenals for today’s modern parents. However beneficial they are, reading is not enough, in fact, it will only defeat its purpose when not applied.

Much of parenting’s success lies in every parent’s knowledge about their child and their dedication to their roles.

With the intent to help parents stay committed to their roles, we designed our newest line of Australian baby books online. Unlike typical children online books, these books work as journals for parents who want to document each and every milestone in the lives of their kids.

In its pages includes a Guide section with helpful hints and tips when it comes to caring for a newborn. It can also serve as a tracker where you can record your bub’s immunisation schedules and medical records.

We’ve also included enough worksheets for you to jot down your thoughts and feelings about your parenthood journey and all else in between.

Never miss a chance to record yours and your baby’s fondest of memories! Get a hold of important details and valuable information about your baby; cherish those and be able to look back on in the years to come.

With beautiful illustrations to make it more special, our Baby Book comes in 3 unique styles:


Product Specifications:

A5 size
Numbered pages
Separated by Tabs
Coloured pages with bleed
Can be used as planner inserts
Available for download only (hard copies available upon request)


Downloadble File: $4.95

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