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A6 Travelers Notebook - Slate


Some things just bring about so many new beginnings to mind. Sunrise and sunsets, the last chapter of a book, new jobs, new friendships - ahh! The beauty of life's new chapters.

Whether you want to start off with a clean slate or continue exactly where you left off, you can always get reminded that you're one step closer to becoming who you're meant to be with your favourite traveler's notebook.

Slate is a luxuriously classic dark grey A6 traveler's notebook you want to keep in handy. Derived from the same durable and high-quality material used in our “perfect fit” B6 TNs, our newest collection of A6 traveler's' notebook is an ideal tool for journaling, memory keeping, planning, and whatever you wish it for. Its neutral shade and lightweight feel makes Slate such a versatile piece you just can't resist! It also has a textured, soft, and smooth finish yet scratch-resilient with ample space to jot down your agenda.

Product specifications:
•  4 strings (2mm each)
•  1.2-inch spine
•  Crescent-shaped Pockets (left - 2 i.d holders and 1 large pocket, right - 1 large pocket)
•  Holds 4x6” notebook inserts
•  Flap Dimensions: 4.5” x 6.5”
•  Cover measures 6.5" x 11.0" laid flat end-to-end
•  Made of PU leather
•  White stitching
•  2mm cream-coloured elastics straps
•  With or without the pen holder option



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