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Anniversary Box - Holographic Standard B6 TN

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Everything in the box is cruelty-free so you can indulge in your pretties without the guilt!

What’s in the box…

  • 1 Standard B6 TN made of textured holographic vegan leather material with 6 2mm periwinkle coloured strings, 1.5’ spine, functional pockets (the dimensions of the left and right flaps of the cover is similar to our existing Standard B6s)
  • 1 textured holographic pen sleeve (fits 3-4 standard-sized pens)
  • 1 rainbow pen (ballpoint, black ink)
  • 2 sheets galaxy-themed washi strips
  • 1 hand drawn A6 postcard 
  • 7 rolls of washi tape (2 wide, 2 regular, 2 medium)



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