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B6 TN - Weekly Planner Sheet (Undated)


What would life be without a planner? If you're a pen and paper kind of person, this wonderful tool, as well as journals and notebooks are just what you need for organised and modern living.

Our weekly planner template is ideal for those who don't like the commitment of dated pages.  It's perfect if you're more into customising your planning experience without being guilty lest you happen to miss a few days.  It allows you the flexibility to record and track plans on a daily or weekly basis any time of the year.

This template was designed to function as a week at a glance for quick yet effective planning and will seamlessly fit well with your B6 traveller's notebook, laminated B6 traveller's notebook, or any B6 size ring bound planner. It also has visible bleeds making it easier for you to use and slip to your pages. For best output, simply grab your traveller's notebook or planner and use it as a template and mark where the holes need to be punched using a one-hole puncher.

Tackle your to-do list, errands, appointments, and everything important in style with our undated weekly planner B6 template.  

Happy planning!

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