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Perfect Fit B6 Travelers Notebook - Evergreen


w/o Pen Holder

We all need a daily dose of optimism every day. Get yourself something tangible, something you can hold on to and can remind you to stay hopeful and grateful simply because you're learning and growing.

Whether it's starting something you've been meaning to do for so long or embarking on a new journey, plan with a purpose using the best traveler's notebook like Evergreen. Now in B6 size, this trusty, stylish, and versatile piece lets you write down your goals, thoughts, and musings with ease! It's also perfect for memory-keeping, scrapbooking, or any creative project you have in mind.

SPECS and Features:

  • A versatile design and the option to choose your pages. (Planner inserts are sold separately for a more customised experience)
  • Scalloped secretarial pockets in both front and back covers (ID pocket on left flap and a ring holder option on right flap)
  • White stitching
  • 2mm medium cream-coloured elastics straps
  • Rounded corners
  • Sleek and compact design
  • With or without the pen holder option
  • 1.5 inch spine
  • Overall width of approximately 12.1 inches. Width when folded is approximately 5.3 inches
  • Made of PU leather
  • Snuggly fits 5x7 notebook/planner inserts



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