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B6 Traveler's Notebook - Love Note


A few things in life can make you feel great in an instant like writing does. It just feels good being able to put your thoughts or feelings into words.

Besides, there's chaos and craziness around us - pushing and pulling us in all directions - proving it hard to keep our focus. Isn't it amazing how a simple act of writing can help us pause and actually make sense of things? Like having something tangible, something we can keep track of and hold on to - for real.  

Whatever your reason is, a lot of things in life - whether they are sad, painful, challenging, beautiful, inspiring, or unforgettable - are worth writing about.

And so you will with Love Note!

Listen to that little voice in your head and get a clearer vision of your reality. Make time to explore and express new ideas and emotions. Jot down your dreams, goals, and plans. Record wins and progress. Learn from slips and setbacks. Give life's fleeting yet precious memories a dwelling place with a beautiful traveler's notebook for planning and journalling.

Don't miss out on key moments in your day, Love Note is a dainty light pink B6 TN stunner to carry around wherever you go!

Make the most out of this lovely traveler's notebook cover and enjoy its many features such as:

  • A versatile design and the option to choose your pages. (Planner fillers are sold separately for a more customised experience.)
  • Scalloped secretarial pockets in both front and back covers (ID pocket on left flap and a ring holder option on right flap)
  • White stitching
  • 2mm cream-coloured elastics straps
  • Rounded corners
  • Sleek and compact design
  • With or without the pen holder option


Specs (Dimensions/Material):

  • 1.5 inch spine
  • Front and back flaps (W 5.3 inches x H 7.3 inches)
  • Overall width of approximately 12.1 inches
  • Made of PU leather
  • Snuggly fits 5x7 notebook/planner inserts


Each traveler's notebook cover cannot be guaranteed 100% perfect but will be checked for quality and any noticeable flaws prior to shipping. Also, please note that the actual colour may look a little different from what is seen on your desktop or mobile screen.

Watch the video below for a brief walkthrough of our B6 TNs collection


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