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Baby Book - Nautical


Sail through the journey of motherhood and embrace a breezy life with your baby as you take each baby step one record at a time - thanks to our Mumsy & Bub baby book.

Savor each joyous moment as you fill out this best baby journal with your baby's milestones, doctor notes, growth charts, handprints and footprints, photos, and extra notes - each are categorized with a generous amount of space so you can put in as much love as you want!

Life is indeed a vast ocean - full of beauty, hope, love, and mystery. No matter how strong the waves are going to be, it's all a matter of how you sail through it - and your baby is going to be a tough sailor at that. Consider it as your baby scrapbook, your little one's personal memento that keeps track of all the major highlights of his/her babyhood. It's an all-in-one baby keepsake book that provides comprehensive information about your baby's healthcare so you don't miss out on anything. This baby book focuses on the most essential things you need for your baby - from medical records to monthly milestones - all of which are deliberately designed and compiled to address your baby's needs and ease your life as a mother, because we understand how it's like to be a busy mom with a lot of things to juggle at home.

Our baby book features the following sections:

  1. About Me section that references all your baby's vital information.
  2. Growth Chart that keeps track of your baby's growth facts month by month. We can't wait to tell you what's going on with your precious!
  3. Caring for Babies section that details tips and hacks on caring for your kiddo at various circumstances. It also includes a record sheet of your baby's dental records.
  4. Immunisation section that jots down your immunisation schedule on a monthly tracking sheet. It also pinpoints significant FAQs you need to take note of.
  5. Notes section that allows you to scribble down your thoughts and put your ideas into writing.

Download a copy now and use your creativity to decorate your baby book and bind it in anyway you please -- unleash the artistic side of you!

Take advantage of your kid's baby stage as you enjoy each moment of motherhood. Because a mother-and-baby bonding is a treasured gift no one can put a price tag on.

Our Baby Book comes in 3 unique styles:

  • Floral
  • Animals
  • Nautical

Product specifications:

  • A5 size
  • Numbered pages
  • Separated by Tabs
  • Coloured pages with bleed
  • Can be used as planner inserts
  • Available for download only (hard copies available upon request)


Disclaimer: Our guides are designed to provide you with ideas and should not be considered as medical advise. For professional advise, please get in touch with your healthcare provider.