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Sticker Album


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If you are a sticker shop owner or someone who loves to create DIY stickers, then this product is for you. <3

These sticker albums in packs of 20 are now available to help you in your sticker making craft. Not only do they keep your stickers in place and well-organised, they also provide clarity and tidiness for sticker makers and collectors like yourself.

Keep all your lovely stickers secured in one place with this sticker album. If you loved our unicorn sticker paper, then there's no reason for you not to love this equally divine sticker accessory that will save you heaps of space and sanity!

Our sticker album comes in two size variants:

  • W - 4 x H - 6”
  • W - 5 x H - 7”


  • Each pack has 20 sticker albums
  • Both have a 1.5” spine
  • Pockets: 60 pockets
  • Cover: Transparent material
  • Thickness: 0.6mm thickness for the cover